Pay by Plate “grace period” ends after Monday

Drivers must have MA-issued E-Z Pass to pay lowest rate on tolls

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s going to cost you more to drive on the Massachusetts Turnpike if you do not have an E-Z Pass transponder.

In the first six months of MassDOT transitioning from toll booths to overhead gantries, everyone was charged the discounted E-Z Pass rate. But that “Pay by Plate” grace period ends Monday. Starting Tuesday, drivers without transponders will pay a higher rate.

Those who have E-Z Pass transponders issued by another state will pay a higher rate than those with Massachusetts-issued transponders, though the rate is still less than the pay-by-plate rate.

Eddie Alexik of Westfield doesn’t have an E-Z pass because he does not drive often on the Mass Pike, but he is now considering getting one for vacation trips.

“We have to go all the way up to, I think it’s 11A maybe, somewhere around there, and that’s pretty far. And the bill could be expensive, but you know, oh well,” Alexik said.

It is free to get a transponder, and if you switch from Pay by Plate to E-Z Pass online, you will get a credit back for the extra money you paid.