Tips for how to share the road with bikers

22News is 'Working for you' with advice on how to safely share the road

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – As the weather warms up, you’ll be seeing more bicyclists on the roadways. 22News is ‘Working for you’ with advice on how to safely share the road.

To stay safe this season, drivers and bicyclist both need to always remember to look both ways before entering a roadway.

Megan Baildon of Southwick told 22News, “It’s kinda their road too, so we should all share it. Usually I try to slow down and give them a little bit more room on the sides, so I don’t clip them by accident.”

Which is the right thing to do, according to Gerry Smith of Agawam Auto School, “And depending on how fast they’re moving we really have to take that into consideration, because once we go by them, if they’re moving a good speed, we have to get pretty far by them, before we can cut into our lane.”

With the weather warming up, you’ll start to see more bikers out on the road. So it’s important that both drivers and cyclists share the road.

Baildon added, “We have to really work on when we can pass them. When it’s safe to pass them. And how much distance to give them.”

And that distance should be about 5-feet to the side, but some drivers aren’t that courteous.

Baildon told 22News some drivers don’t give enough space to bike riders, “Sometimes they don’t get give them enough space and I worry they might hit them.”

Agawam Auto School said it’s important for all drivers and cyclists to know and use turn their signals.

If you want to turn left, you should stick your arm straight out, and to turn right stick your arm towards the sky, and to stop or slow down, your arm should be position downward.

In Massachusetts you can ride your bicycle on any public roadway, street, and any bike path, but there are some place where your bike is prohibited.

Bicyclists are not allowed on state highways, like I-91 or the rotary before route 57.

Children 16 years old and younger are legally required to wear a helmet, although helmets are recommended for all cyclists.