Pros and cons of continuous wet weather here in western Massachusetts

We've seen a lot of improvements in the drought

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Rain showers have been in the forecast now for a couple days. 22News is working for you with how much rain this could be helping or affecting us here in western Massachusetts.

Our wet pattern continues here in western Massachusetts which started last week. Showers continued throughout the weekend, and now more showers are in the forecast for next week.

There are some positives in this welcomed wet weather, especially after such a dry spring last year. We’ve seen a lot of improvements on the drought. Parts of the valley are now just abnormally dry.

For people who have allergies the wet weather has also been a big help. Rain has also helped take the pollen out of the air, relieving a lot of allergy sufferers over the past couple of days.

22News went to Kosinski Farms in Westfield to see if these wet days could possibly be too much for crops and plants. Sue Kosinski, Kosinski Farms, told 22News, “Not really its just the cold weather and the rain combination, that’s the actual problem at this point in time. So if we have cold weather germination doesn’t occur and if the rains are causing that cold its just a snowball effect.”

Kosinski mentioned she hopes the colder weather won’t be to much of an issue for the bloom.

Depending on how much rain we get over the next couple of days, the continuous wet weather could be an issue however for fields that are in low lying fields.

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