Police investigate murder of two doctors at luxury penthouse in Boston

There's no word yet about the motive for their murder.

Photo Courtesy: WCVB/CNN

(WCVB/CNN) – High atop south Boston’s Macallen building, inside a two-million-dollar penthouse, investigators search for clues about a gruesome double murder.

“It’s just a sad situation to think that it can happen in this building.”

Police came to the penthouse after getting a call from a friend of the couple who lives here.

“Dorchester Avenue, the penthouse it says, got a message from his friend saying there is a gunman in the house.”

Police say when they opened the door, this man, 30 year old Bampumim Teixeira, fired a gun at them. Officers fired back, hit the suspect, and wounded him. Once inside, they found two bodies.

Commissioner William Evans, Boston Police: “The da will probably most likely bring charges for two counts of murder.”

Neighbors say the victims have lived in the penthouse for several years. They say access to the building is very secure, especially to that floor.

Jack Fu: “You can’t get up there without a key. The elevators wouldn’t even open the door for you without a key. So there’s no access unless someone lets you in.”

Detectives have been checking surveillance cameras in the neighborhood.

The police commissioner says it does not appear the crime was random. “Someone has come up here, went up to the eleventh floor to the penthouse, we gotta believe that there was some type of knowledge of each other here.”

Doctor Bolanos was a pediatric anesthesiologist, while field specialized in pain management.

There’s no word yet about the motive for their murder.

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