I-91 drivers continue to deal with traffic thru downtown Springfield

MassDOT predicts the highway will be ready for "full beneficial use" by next May

Traffic on I-91 in Springfield approaching the South End Bridge

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – I-91 south Drivers are still facing heavy delays on weekends, especially Sundays. Drivers told 22News traffic on I-91 South is bumper to bumper.

And that congestion is expected to last for as long as there is construction in downtown Springfield.

Ever since the raised portion of the I-91 project started, drivers have been experiencing traffic delays.

Drivers are experiencing regular delays on Sunday afternoons on I-91 South, as seasonal drivers return from northern destinations like Vermont and New Hampshire.

As drivers enter into downtown Springfield, the lanes are reduced to one lane, and drivers are feeling the effects.

Charles Morrison of Hartford told 22News, “The worst part of it to get to merge, because traffic doesn’t really start merging until it comes right down to the bottleneck. And as we approached that bottleneck, there was a little bit of a delay right there.”

MassDOT launched the dynamic merge system, which is intended to help with traffic flow. The system uses real-time message boards to tell drivers how and when to merge, based on information collected by sensors positioned along the road.

MassDOT predicts the highway will be ready for “full beneficial use” by next May.