Police: 6 protesters arrested at Sandisfield gas pipeline project

Eighteen protesters were arrested at Otis State Forest on Tuesday

SANDISFIELD, Mass. (AP) — Massachusetts State Police say six protesters have been arrested for trespassing into restricted areas at a natural gas pipeline project.

Police say the protesters were arrested just before 1 p.m. Saturday in Sandisfield. Each person was charged with trespassing on state-owned property and disorderly conduct. According to State Police Media Communications Director Dave Procopio, these six entered a restricted area, and refused to leave when ordered to by law enforcement; they were arrested without incident.

Work crews were in the area removing trees at the time, an operation expected to continue into next week.

Other than those arrests, State Police say the protest was peaceful.

The six people arrested at Saturday’s protest were taken to the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Department for booking. Procopio said they will be arraigned in Great Barrington District Court at a later date.

Eighteen protesters were arrested at Otis State Forest at a separate protest on Tuesday. They were among a group of more than 50 who were there to oppose an easement that allows the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. to widen its right of way through the forest.

The federally-approved Connecticut Expansion Project extends existing pipeline infrastructure in Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut, adding 4 miles of new underground pipeline in Massachusetts.

Protesters who were arrested:

  1. Montserrat Archbald, 53, of Whately.
  2. Carole Horowitz, 66, of Amherst.
  3. Elizabeth Caretti Ramirez, 47, of Holyoke.
  4. Nastasia V. Lawton-Stickler, 33, of Leominster.
  5. Lundy Bancroft Jr., 57, of Florence.
  6. Christopher C. Sabo, 31, of Ashfield.


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