Man knocks himself out while watching comedy show

They ended up going to the emergency room, where Perrett got 3 stitches

(CNN) – Veep is a comedy that’s supposed to leave you in stitches, but not these stitches. An Australian member of Parliament, Graham Perrett, was at home watching the show.

“What happened to your lip? Oh Maud bit me. Should put her down. That’s my daughter, ma’am.”

Soon it was Perrett being asked, what happened to your cheekbone? It all started with a little takeout sushi in front of the TV.

Perrett told BBC Radio, “I just laughed at the wrong time. And I think some rice like went down my airway and I started coughing and choking and laughing at the same time.”

The sushi got stuck while Perrett was laughing at a scene where a TV anchor discovers a congressman shaving his head to look like he has cancer.

In a fit of choking and coughing, Perrett stumbled to the kitchen. I think I hit the wall, and then hit the kitchen island, like a granite top.”

For a second, he was knocked out. Next thing he knew, his wife was there. She came running thinking she might have to do the Heimlich. They ended up going to the emergency room where Perrett got 3 stitches.

Reminds us of the time President George W. Bush choked on a pretzel while watching football and fainted. Check out the bruise. And as he said, “Always listen to your mother who told me chew your pretzels before you swallow.”

And swallow your sushi before laughing. The star of Veep, Julia Louis Dreyfus, tweeted Perrett asking “…the real question is what episode?” He answered “Episode one in this new series. Where Jonah has the close shave. Pure gold, your highness.”

“For god’s sake, be careful” she replied.

When George Bush choked on his pretzel, he woke up to Barney and Spot. While Perrett woke up to his wife. At least she didn’t give him the Veep treatment.

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