High school students send positive messages to classmates

The school district is funding the club

(CNN) – A new group at a Pennsylvania high school wants everyone to know it is there to help struggling students.

Members got the word out by attaching positive notes to every student’s locker – 1,200 of them.

Student Jasilou Leber said, “That there is such a stigma with mental health, and if you have any issues like that as a teenager, you have to hide it.”

Walk into Cedar Cliff High School and stroll down each hall, and it’s likely the brightly colored papers will catch your attention. The papers are stuck on every student locker. On each, an inspirational quote or uplifting message.

Student Hannah Flick said, “We just wanted everyone to have a positive message to look forward to.”

Four 11th graders responsible for the notes, hand-writing each one for all 1,200 students at Cedar Cliff.

Flick said, “It took a few hours to write them all out and then it took a few more hours to put them all up.”

The notes are their first task as part of a new club at school called Aevidum, which means “I’ve got your back.”

Student Eva Ginanni said, “We all have a history of mental health, so I figured that if we all came together and we could start something that’ll raise awareness for everyone else at school.”

Raising awareness of mental health issues, ones teenagers especially face.

Leber said, “Try to let everyone know that teachers are here, our group is starting, we’re gonna be here, don’t feel like you have to hide, feel like you have people you can talk to”

Tackling tough issues like depression, bullying and suicide.

Ginanni said, “Every teenager goes through things that no teenager should go through, some have it the easy way, some have it hard.

“One word can change everything”

The group exists at several schools nationwide. The Cedar Cliff High School chapter hopes to start bringing speakers to the school once they get established.

The school district is funding the club.

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