Health care front and center

Republican lawmakers in the House believe they have enough votes to pass their health care legislation, but it could face an up hill battle in the Senate.

(NBC News) – Confident in passing health care legislation Republicans are expected to bring a bill to the floor today for a vote.

The Senate also has a big vote scheduled on the federal budget passed by the house yesterday. They would fund the government through September.

Some last minute negotiations with Republicans on the fence about the bill seems to have worked…it should just barely get through the House today.

11th hour maneuvering by the White House seems to have worked to get a health care bill through the House of Representatives today.

President Trump met with two house republicans to get consensus on coverage. “The President has made it very clear: pre-existing conditions are covered in the bill under any scenario,” said White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

To bring moderate House Republicans support back, an amendment was added to the bill that guarantees $8 billion dollars over 5 years. To minimize payments for patients with pre-existing conditions in states that opt out of that coverage. “He said that this bill would be just as strong on pre-existing illnesses as Obamacare – I want him to keep that pledge,” said Rep. Fred Upton, (R) Michigan.

Democrats don’t believe the American Medical Association and AARP say this healthcare fix would increase prices. “Americans with pre-existing conditions will be pushed off their insurance and segregated into high risk pools, where they face soaring costs, worse coverage and restricted care.” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi/ (D) California

With the House’s attention on health care. The Senate is expected to pass a $1.1 trillion dollar spending bill to fund the federal government through September.

The Budget Bill passed through the House yesterday

President Donald Trump is expected to sign the budget into law as soon as it gets to his desk.