Governor Baker signs bill to fund road & bridge repair

Lawmakers hope to allocate multi-year funding at a later date

BOSTON (WWLP) – Governor Charlie Baker signed a $200-million road repair bill into law Thursday. The spending plan reimburses cities and towns for road and bridge repair projects, including repaving roads and putting up guard rails.

Many communities have been waiting weeks for this year’s funding, with construction season already underway. Springfield is receiving $3.6-million and Westfield is receiving $1.2-million in Chapter 90 funding, which is critical after the winter storms that hit western Massachusetts.

Back in 2015, Chapter 90 funding totaled $300-million, but state budget cuts since then have pushed the funding down. “Construction has already begun in our districts,” State Senator Don Humason told 22News. “Everyone uses roads and bridges back home so I think this is an area of the budget that we should prioritize and spend money towards.”

Some state lawmakers told 22News the state will need much more funding to repair many rough roads. They hope to allocate multi-year funding in the future.

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