President Donald Trump in the third person

The President is first when it comes to the third person

(CNN) – Who refers to themselves in the third person? The president does. He’s first when it comes to the third person. For example: “Nobody would be tougher on ISIS than Donald trump.”

And this week he did it in a tweet. That’s Trump himself tweeting “Perhaps Trump just ran a great campaign?” That prompted author J.K. Rowling to poke the president…”I wonder whether Trump talks to Trumpself in the third Trumperson when Trump’s alone.”

There’s other examples. “If Putin likes Donald Trump…”; “You wouldn’t even be hearing about the word immigration if it weren’t for Donald Trump.”; “Trump was able to get him to give something. I don’t know what the hell it was but it doesn’t matter.”

This is a man who tweeted “Congratulations Donald” on his own Apprentice ratings. He said “Thanks Donald” when consumer confidence went up.

But Donald doesn’t have a monopoly on thanking himself. Remember former President Barack Obama once thanked himself for lower gas prices.

You know, there’s actually a technical term for this. It’s called “Illeism.” Psychologist Kevin Volkan has two theories for President Trump’s use of the third person. “I think it’s either he’s branding himself, which of course he’s very good at and does almost unconsciously, and I think also it could be indicative of narcissism, where you’re constantly referring to yourself.”

Psychologists say toddlers are often illeists, before they fully grasp the concept of “I” and “me”…like Elmo.”And now Elmo has a question for you.” Tweeted one Trump critic, “He gives third person talkers like Cookie Monster a bad name.” Forget cookies. The president likes his own name in his mouth.

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