Air travel experience continues to change

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – The flying experience has certainly changed over the years.

“Sometimes it’s a Kodak moment, sometimes it’s horrible,” said Michael Dapice, who frequently flies between Florida and Connecticut.

“There’s much more lines at security. Much more taking out your phone, your laptop, much more procedures,”

Those procedures are delayed further when the TSA confiscates prohibited items, which they do often. Just this week, the TSA reported confiscating 66 firearms at airports across the country.

“I think that they just need to check them into the hard box, which is required, but some people forget they’re in their bag, and I’d like to see one day maybe they send them back out to their car, versus getting arrested and going through all that nonsense,” Dapice said.

Travelers with firearms in their carry-on luggage could face an $11,000 fine.

Once onboard, passengers could soon experience tighter spaces: American Airlines announced this week plans to shrink legroom by 2″ for some seats, and by 1″ for others in economy class. United is reportedly considering the same.

Despite longer security lines and perhaps a bit more discomfort, the cost of a plane ticket actually dropped 1% last year. Airlines credit more baggage fees as the reason they can stabilize prices.

In fact, baggage fees increased by 10% from 2015 to 2016, with national airlines collecting $4.2 billion in the last year alone. This comes as Congress has warned airlines to improve their customer service, or they will step in.