Adorable kitten photo shoot raises money for charity

The calendars have raised more than $1,000 for the "Save a Stray" charity so far

(CNN) – A Michigan family’s photo shoot of their newly adopted kitten, all dolled up, is raising money for charity.

After begging her parents for a kitten, five-year-old Amelie Schaub finally got her wish.

Meet Luna.

Amelie says, “She likes to play tag, and that’s her favorite game. Her trying to get your feet, and she likes it and tries to get your hand. She has a very cute tail. She’s all very cute, of course.”

Kitty Schaub is a professional newborn photographer. She decided to dress Luna up for a few photos. She said, “I think I posted them like in the afternoon or something. We just did it real quick. It was like a five minute little thing – like oh, look how cute she is? Because she is really adorable. And then we just went about our day and then we woke up the next morning and I think it like a million views or something like that.”

Now, Luna’s photos have been viewed more than 10-million times. Even blogs in other languages shared the photos.

David Schaub says he’s excited to see his wife’s work go viral. “I feel proud. My wife puts a lot of passion and a lot of work into what she does. So to see her get this kind of recognition is just phenomenal.”

The Schaubs decide to use this platform to help others animals. The idea came after people began to ask for calendars.

Kitty said, “We’re friends with some people who work with a volunteer organization, ‘Save a Stray.’ And so we thought all the profits from this can go to help other kittens.”

The family says Luna hasn’t let the fame go to her head, but David says another furry friend is feeling left out. “The dog has really been jealous of the cats new found fame. She’s been taking a lot of selfies and posting to Instagram it’s really quite pathetic. But the rest of us are really happy for Luna and the difference she’s making.”

The calendars have raised more than $1,000 for the “Save a Stray” charity so far. They’ve even gotten some international orders.

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