Tips for older drivers

(CNN) – As baby boomers get older, that means more senior drivers behind the wheel. There are some things older people can keep in mind to stay safe when operating a motor vehicle.

Driving can be difficult for drivers of all ages, but there are special challenges for older people. The Mayo Clinic has some safety tips:

First, update your driving skills; you might want to take a refresher course geared towards older drivers. If anything, you might get a discount on your insurance policy, if your carrier offers one.

If you find yourself getting confused while behind the wheel, it could be time to consider not driving anymore.

Drive in optimal conditions, safety can be improved by driving during the daytime. If visibility is poor, consider delaying your trip or opting for public transportation.

Schedule regular vision and hearing tests. Some senses can decline with age, so it’s important to know where your hearing and vision stand. Even if you think both are fine, stick with your doctor’s recommended exam schedule.

Stay physically active, exercise improves strength and flexibility, making it easier for older drivers to perform driving related motions such as turning a steering wheel or looking over one’s shoulder.