Overtime pay rules could soon change

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – More work, usually means more money. Overtime pay is a perk that many workers look forward to when they put in extra hours at the office, but it could soon change at workplaces across the country.

The House of Representatives just passed a bill that would replace overtime time pay, with earned paid time off.

Gina Noblit is the Human Resources director at Freedom Credit Union. “For every hour and a half of overtime they work, they’ll get an hour and a half of time off.”

Noblit told 22News the measure could make it easier for workers to deal with the competing demands of family and work. “The number one thing from our perspective is work life balance, and that would provide them with additional time away from work for their families,” she said.

The bill may create more flexibility for employers and workers, but it could also have some drawbacks. If you worked an hour of overtime, you would then get an hour of comp time to make up for it, but your employer would still have the final say on when you could actually take that time off.

Maggie Ducheney told 22News that may become a problem for some workers. “Some people may want to use that time, say on a Friday afternoon to get out early, and their employer would say no, you need to use it on an a longer lunch. That could be kind of problematic,” she said.

If the bill passes, employers would be able to decide whether to offer the option. Their employees would then be able to choose between overtime pay or earned time off when they work extra hours.

Similar bills have passed the House at least three times before, only to fail in the Senate.