How you can track pothole repair progress

MassDOT is expanding the Pothole Repair Dashboard to cover the entire state

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – In April, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation filled more than 2,000 potholes, with more than 700 repaired in the last week alone.

MassDOT announced an expansion of their pothole tracking program that was launched as a pilot program in Worcester and Springfield last year. Drivers can track pothole locations when they’re repaired, and see how much it cost.

MassDOT intends to use the data to help make funding decisions for roads that consistently need pothole repairs; like Route 5 in West Springfield, where pothole problems have persisted. The state has started to repair the road, and drivers are hopeful the new program will help make it a priority.

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Joe Casey of West Springfield said, “For roads like this, it could be a big impact, especially when I-91 traffic is down. This is a kind of cut through for that. So as long as the state uses the money wisely, then that’ll be a good thing.”

Local roads have had their fair share of potholes this season. Viewers sent 22News pictures of a man standing in a massive pothole on Ingersoll Grove in Springfield. Residents said the City was quick to correct it.

“Yesterday afternoon was the first time we noticed it. I called late yesterday afternoon and they have somebody here today, so I was impressed by how quickly they arrived,” said Mike Ostroskey of Springfield.

MassDOT is expanding the Pothole Repair Dashboard to cover the entire state over the next several months. The state has spent more than $560,000 repairing potholes so far this year.

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