Former horse barn being turned into STCC student center

700 foot-long building being restored and modernized

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Students at Springfield Technical Community College are excited about the ongoing construction of their new all-purpose student center. The new center is being built at the site of the former horse barn for the Springfield Armory.

The historic brick building is being restored and renovated to accommodate the new center, which will put several services under one roof. Students said that will help cure what is known as the “STCC shuffle:” the need to go from building to building on campus for services such as registration.

Student Michael Cabozza described his experience with the shuffle: “I had to go to the parking office for a parking pass. I had to go to the service registrars office to register. I had to take my testing at the testing center. The library, as well, is in the middle of nowhere, the health center is down in another corner of campus.”

The renovation project keeps the 700 foot-long historic building- one of several former Armory structures on the campus- intact. The new center will feature an enrollment center, an advising center, a learning commons, and student life space.