Fight on plane captured on camera

(CNN) – Maybe you’ve seen video of the airplane brawl that went viral.  Well now meet the passenger who recorded it on his cellphone, then stepped in to stop it.

It wasn’t quite an in-flight fight.  The Japanese all Nippon airways plane was still on the ground, preparing for departure to la when the man in the Hawaiian shirt started attacking other passengers.

That’s when the passenger shooting this video, Corey Hour, a professional photographer from Arizona, turned off his camera and intervened, “He was still on a rampage and I got up and I confronted him and said you need to get off the plane. I said what you’re doing is crazy. You need to stop this. Oh you think I’m crazy. What about the government?

He then exited the plane and was arrested after allegedly choking a gate agent.  Japanese police confirmed a drunk passenger was arrested at the airport.

Add this to the collection of recent shocking airline cellphone videos, joining the passenger dragged off a United plane and the crying mother who had her stroller snatched away by a flight attendant, who was then challenged by another passenger.

An American Airlines executive told a congressional hearing Tuesday that that the incident was “improperly handled.” congress called the airline execs on the carpet for their customer service.

In the case of the Japanese airline, “You know who deserves a medal in this, the flight attendants I thought,” watch her get in the middle like a referee.