Where’s the sun? More wet weather on the way

A soaking is expected Friday

(WWLP) – It’s said that April showers bring May flowers, but it seems we may be in for more showers this month as well.

We’ve been in a rather cloud-filled weather pattern lately, and unfortunately, if you’re hoping for more sun, we’re about to enter another prolonged gloomy and wet weather pattern due to something that’s called a “cut-off low.”

7 Day Forecast

Low pressure systems typically bring us wet weather, such as snow or rain. In this case, a low pressure system later this week is going to bring us a soaking on Friday, with rain expected to fall into Saturday. The problem is, this system is going to get separated from the jet stream, which will split north and south of the low pressure system.

Without the jet stream to move the low pressure along, it will just meander in a similar place for several days and possibly for much of next week.

It means that persistent, unsettled weather and possibly plenty of wet or showery days are ahead, as the rain just pinwheels around the center of the low.

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