Trash has piled up at homeless camp in Greenfield

Mayor Martin told 22News he still hasn't gone over to visit this property

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s a mountain of trash. The mess was made by homeless people living in the woods off Colrain Street in Greenfield.

“There needs to be some kind of system in place, much more assistance to transfer people out of this situation,” said Mary Huber of Greenfield. “We need to make this a nice place for everyone to live.”

Homeless people have set up camp on this land before, without permission. Greenfield Police asked them to leave, but police said the responsibility for cleaning up all the trash and garbage rests with the property owner, who happens to be the Mayor of Greenfield.

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It’s a little hard to tell from the street, but these homeless people set up camp on land right off Colrain Street in Greenfield. According to Greenfield Police, they can only stay here if they received permission from the property owner.

“It’s the property owner’s issue at this point,” said Greenfield Police Cheif Robert Haigh. “If they wish for them to leave they can obviously do trespass notices, that type of thing. The property owner at this point would be responsible for any type of cleanup.”

Mayor William Martin told 22News he still hasn’t gone over to visit this property. He said he may put up more “no trespassing” signs, but he hasn’t indicated when he might have all the trash removed.

Chief Haigh said the Board of Health deals with health concerns that arise from littering. He’s urging anyone without a home to visit local health agencies to get shelter and sanitation.