Texas attacks leave three dead

Stabbing spree on University of Texas at Austin campus leaves one dead and three injured; two dead and two injured after gunman opens fire on paramedics in Dallas.

(NBC News) Three people are dead and several more wounded after a violent Monday afternoon in Texas.

In Austin, a student at the University of Texas stabbed four people, killing one, before he was arrested.

Police confronted the suspect and took him into custody. He has been identified at 21-year-old Kendrix White, a University of Texas student. Police say it’s “premature” to discuss his motive.

Fellow students were shocked.

“He amiable completely friendly, not the quiet kid in the back of the class, not the person stereotyped in this type of thing,” said classmate Josh Anderson.

A separate attack in Dallas began with a domestic violence call.

A paramedic who responded to a call to treat a gunshot victim was hit by at least one bullet.

Police then responded and were fired upon.

One police sergeant acted quickly to aid the paramedic.

“He went in alone, pulled the paramedic out, put him in his car and drove him to Baylor Hospital,” said Police Chief David Pughes

Two people were later found dead in a nearby home. Police believe one of the individuals found inside was the gunman.

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