Strangers band together to save family

Texas parents meet one of the Good Samaritans who helped pull their children from overturned truck as floodwaters rushed in.

(NBC News) Phillip and Emily Ocheltree are thankful to still have their lives, and their family.

The couple and their two children survived a harrowing nightmare when their pickup truck flipped over in a raging flood in Myrtle Springs, Texas.

“It’s pitch black in your car and you can’t see anything, and you can’t find your kids, you panic,” Emily recalls.

They’re grateful, almost beyond words, for Good Samaritans like Jaime Martinez who rushed to their rescue.

Several banded together to save their babies, 4-month old Marshal, unconscious when he was pulled from the truck, and 18-month-old Addy, still strapped into her car seat.

Tom Mitchell gave CPR to Baby Marshall as Virginia Howard first on the scene, prayed aloud.

“And shortly after she started praying that child started coming around,” Mitchell says.

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