New England drivers among worst in the country

New Englanders also use their phone 35% of the time while driving.

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – New Englanders have the need for speed. That’s what a recent EverDrive safety report found.

Out of a 100 point system, Northeastern drivers scored the lowest rating of 75, with nearly half of all trips taken involving speeding. Though Massachusetts wasn’t on the list, these 5 neighboring states are to blame for this bad score.

Marc Patillo says that need for speed is easy to see here in western Massachusetts. “I-91 from Greenfield to Northampton, there’s a spot where if you don’t speed, you’re going to be a hazard because the flow of traffic is 85,” says Patillo.

New Englanders also use their phone 35% of the time while driving. Out here, you may have had to slam on the brakes once or twice. You’re not alone – Northeastern drivers hard brake in about 30% of all trips.

Driver Maggie Granquist admits to these habits, but she has a reason. She told 22News, “When I think about how I learned to drive, I learned in driving school, but I mostly learned from watching my dad, who is the biggest maniac on the road who I’ve ever met, so that’s really how I learned to drive.”

They’re habits we can all adjust, especially during the spring and summer. AAA says during the three months from Memorial Day to Labor Day, the number of deadly car crashes involving teens normally increases more than 40%. Their chance of getting into a deadly crash doubles at night.

EverDrive found midwesterners are the safest drivers in the county.