E-Cigarette blast scorches cop

E-cigarette battery explodes in Detroit officer's pocket, searing the flesh off his thigh.

(WDIV) A Detroit police officer suffered second- and third-degree burns Friday when a rechargeable e-cigarette battery exploded in his pocket.

The tiny e-cigarette battery left Lt. Howard Phillips with serious burns on his leg and destroyed his uniform pants.

It’s an intense pain that I’ve never experienced in my life,” Phillips said.

The burns on his thighs make even the simplest movements difficult. Phillips was at a Police Academy graduation Friday when the rechargeable battery for his e-cigarette burst into flames.

“I felt something explode,” Phillips said. “I saw sparks.”

The pain didn’t register at first, but then Phillips said he felt the heat. He quickly left the ceremony and took himself to the hospital.

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