Drivers speed through I-91 construction, regardless of new limits

The speed limit is posted throughout the construction zone

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Since construction began on I-91 in downtown Springfield the speed limit has been lowered down to 40 miles per hour, but still police stop drivers on a daily basis who are going much faster.

22News saw some drivers on that stretch of I-91 were going a lot faster than 40 miles per hour. Massachusetts State Police assigned to the Springfield Barracks have been out on the highway pulling over drivers who are speeding, but police said the speeding continues.

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Some drivers aren’t even aware they’re speeding. State Trooper Brandon Floyd said, “People aren’t paying attention to the road, they’re not paying attention to the construction. They don’t know that they’re in a construction zone. You pull them over for speeding and they don’t realize it’s a 40 miles per hour zone, they think its 65 miles per hour.”

The speed limit is posted throughout the construction zone. The speed limits are supposed to protect both drivers and construction workers. According to the Federal Highway Administration, speeding plays a factor in 23% of deadly construction zone crashes.

The speed limit in the construction zone was originally 50 miles per hour, it is expected to stay at 40 miles per hour for the remainder of the construction project.