New Chicopee trash reduction program has started

Trash that doesn't fit in bin must be put in yellow overflow bags

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The City of Chicopee launched its new curbside trash reduction program today.

They’re been forced to create a new trash program after the department of environmental protection ordered the closing the city’s landfill, which is almost at capacity.

Chicopee residents now have to “pay as they throw.” It’s part of the city’s new trash program. Residents will no longer be able to leave an unlimited amount of trash at the curbside for free; anything more than 35 gallons of trash a week will cost you.

If their week’s trash doesn’t fit in the 35-gallon bin, Residents will have to purchase overflow bags, costing between $1.20 and $2 a bag.

“I live with four adults and two children so that’s a small trash can. So we’re going to be buying a lot of yellow bags but for single people I think that that’s the perfect size and I think it will get people to recycle more,” said Sheila Dawson, a Chicopee Resident.

Click here for a list of locations that sell overflow trash bags

You may have noticed the difference in size between the trash barrels and the recycling bins. The city hopes that by decreasing the size of the trash barrels it will encourage residents to recycle more.

“We went and we picked up random trash bags around the city. We found that 75% of the target bags that we picked up was actually recyclable materials that people were throwing out,” said Chicopee DPW Director, Jeffrey Neece.

The catch however, recyclables will still only be picked up every other week.

New rule: in order for your trash to be picked up, the lid on the 35-gallon bin must be closed. Trash in the yellow overflow bags must be placed next to the trash bin for weekly pick-up.

The city’s landfill is expected to close next year, they hope the new program will help deal with a loss in revenue once the landfill closes.

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