Fruit crops in good shape so far this season

Peaches are on a strong path so far this season

WESTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – From plums to cherries, the fruit trees seem to be in pretty good shape; and yes, even the peaches.

If you love fruit, this is a fruit season to look forward to. Stone fruit cherry trees are blossoming, and plums and nectarines are also getting pretty close to blooming.

Fruit lovers are looking looking forward to a good crop this season. Irene of Westfield told 22News, “I hope so, I love fruit. That’s the main thing I eat all the time.”

Of course, how could we forget about the peaches? A crop that was a total loss last season because of a late freeze, resulting deep losses for fruit farmers in western Massachusetts. However, there should be no such problems this season.

Brad Morse, the owner of Outlook Farm, told 22News, “Peaches will be great, we are pretty much past the chance of anything really freezing. Might get a little frost but there will be plenty of nice peaches this year.”

All the rain we’ve seen this spring was just enough, at just the right time. A major help to seeing great fruit this season is the amount of rain we got, finally getting out of the extreme drought and now just dealing with abnormally dry spots in the valley.

The most recent U.S. Drought Monitor does list “abnormally dry” conditions in parts of Hampshire and Hampden counties, and a sliver of Franklin County, but no drought. The month of April saw above average rainfall totals.

The amount of rain has been a huge contributing factor to these great crops.