Good Samaritans rescue three men stranded in the ocean

The rescuers say the three men were in shock

(CNN) – New video shows three men being pulled to safety Sunday afternoon, 15 miles off the coast of Jacksonville.

That’s where Captain Scott Reynolds says his fishing boat turned into a rescue boat. Reynolds said, “All I had to do was make one other decision for the day, you know. I could have turned another direction and it would have been game over.”

The rescuers say it was pure luck they saw three men in life vests treading water. Their 20-foot fishing boat had taken on water and capsized.

Reynolds said, “It was upside down by the time I got to it, and they had left it trying to swim to us, they saw us on the previous spot.”

A cooler and a gas can were the only salvageable items from that boat; those were what the men were holding onto for three hours.

Like you’d expect, the rescuers say the three men were in shock. They’d been treading in choppy water and lost most of their possessions.

Reynolds said, “A little bit of shock obviously – they’d been in the water long enough and been worried enough, I’m sure.”

Fire rescue came and checked the men out. They were okay, and on the return trip were even well enough to smile for a photo. The three boaters and their heroes.

It’s not every day you get to save lives, right?

Fellow rescuer Clay Borden said, “Nope, not at all. They would have been history.”

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