Doctor restores blind woman’s sight

With a new view on life, the couple is ready to start a new chapter

(Credit: CNN)

(CNN) – A New York woman who lost her vision due to severe diabetes received the gift of sight, thanks to a hopeful surgeon.

Retina Surgeon, Dr. Gennady Landa, of NYEE-Mount Sinai said, “We’re going to remove the patch.” For the past year, 43-year-old, Sandra Rosa, sat in darkness. All that changed Friday.

Sandra Rosa of Brooklyn, NY exclaimed, “I can see, I can see, I can see!” It’s been an emotional time for the Brooklyn native. Last summer, diabetes robbed Rosa her of her right leg and two weeks later, her vision.

Rosa noted, “I got to depend on everybody else to push me around, to see, to pick up my stuff, to eat.” Convinced she would see again, she ignored doctors who told her nothing could be done.

Rosa said, “I’m determined. I’m not going to sit down and wait.” But Rosa’s condition was serious. She had retinal detachment and severe cataracts in both eyes.

Doctor Gennady Landa of New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai, knew the odds were against him.

Five surgeries later, in the dark, reading the letters on the screen, Rosa said, “Thank you, Thank you Dr. Landa.” The duo celebrated.

Dr. Landa noted, “I think was great success.”, she continued to say, “I would say 50% Sandra and 50% me. It was our teamwork.”

Now that Rosa can see, she can’t take her eyes off of Edwin Crespo. Rosa said, “The sight of my husband. I wasn’t able to see him. I could just hear him.”

With a new view on life, the couple is ready to start a new chapter.

Edwin Crespo, Sandra’s Husband: “Happy? Rosa responded, “Very much so!”

Sandra will get glasses in the next few weeks and Doctor Landa says her vision will continue improving.