A look back at 100 days of President Trump’s tweets

President Trump told "60 Minutes" he'd be very restrained in his Twitter use

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(CNN) – It was a key tool during his campaign, and remains a key tool during his presidency. President Trump uses Twitter to bypass conventional means of communication, and reach more than 28 million followers, and beyond.

Even some top Republicans have lamented perhaps he shouldn’t do it quite so much – or perhaps so impulsively. But Twitter is a major way President Trump signals his pleasure and displeasure to supporters, to Washington, and the world.

To mark his first 100 days in office, Twitter analyzed the hashtags and words he’s used most, over about 500 tweets.

Trump’s top hashtags:

  • the shorthand for his Make America Great Again campaign slogan
  • America First, another carryover from his campaign.
  • in case you missed it
  • USA
  • and the law Republicans have struggled to repeal and replace — Obamacare.

The words we’ve seen most, according to Twitter:

  • great
  • America and American
  • news and media
  • jobs
  • today
  • fake news.

The president’s most retweeted tweets in the first 100 acknowledge protests taking place after his inauguration, and his thoughts on the Patriots’ Super Bowl win.

But at number three, his reaction after a panel of judges from the Ninth Circuit court of appeals unanimously upheld a halt on his immigration and travel ban.

“SEE YOU IN COURT,” he wrote in all-caps. “The security of our nation, is at stake.”

Among the most controversial of his presidential tweets came on an early morning in March – the claim that president Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower, during the 2016 election. Before a congressional panel later in the month, FBI director James Comey said he had no information to support the claim in the president’s tweets.

Post-election, President Trump told “60 Minutes” he’d be very restrained in his Twitter use. Over the last few weeks, the pace has slowed. But in recent days, Trump did use Twitter to take aim at Democrats on the hill, saying they would be to blame for a government shutdown.

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