Westfield drinking water to be tested for harmful chemicals

MassDEP: Testing of private wells will start on April 28th

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Westfield residents are concerned about the purity of their drinking water after testing found chemical contamination in two city wells.

Every seat was taken Tuesday night in Westfield City Hall, where the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection outlined plans to test private wells.

City wells numbers 7 and 8 have been off-line for more than a year because perfluorinated chemicals were found in them. Those wells are near Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport.

Henry Benache, who lives near the Barnes Airport, told 22News, “Hopefully our wells are not contaminated and we can drink the water and stay safe. They don’t know the outcome of this chemical, yet. We just want to get our wells tested and make sure it’s safe to drink.”

The MassDEP said it will start testing private wells on Friday, April 28th. There is also an effort under way to find the filtration system that will allow wells numbers 7 and 8 to be brought back on line.

Test results will eventually be posted on the city website.

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