Trump to Astronaut: ‘Better you than me’ to drink recycled urine

Commander Whitson noted some of the space station's scientific achievements

(CNN) – She holds the record for female astronaut space walks. He was about to have his first space talk. “Station this is your President, do you hear me?”

This was really long distance. “Do you hear me?” Asked President Donald Trump. Peggy Whitson, an Astronaut replied, “Yes sir we have you loud and clear.”

President Trump called International Space Station Commander Peggy Whitson to congratulate her for breaking the record for the longest an American astronaut has stayed in space. 534 days and counting.

It was an occasion for somersaulting and for showing off her hands free microphone technique. Commander Whitson noted some of the space station’s scientific achievements. “We also are cleaning up our urine and making it drinkable and it’s really not as bad as it sounds.”

President Trump then replied, “Well that’s good I’m glad to hear that. Better you than me.”

Some wondered “What is Ivanka Trump doing there?” and the 5 second delay didn’t make asking questions easy.

You know, for once the view from the Oval Office was eclipsed. Instead of mere mortals weighed down by gravity on the White House lawn, the space station showcased another astronaut floating in and out of the background.

Then the President asked for volunteers, “Who’s ready to go to Mars up there?”

There was a show of hands, though critics suggested send the President.