Trump admits Presidency is more complicated than imagined

It harkins back to his ideas on Obamacare

(CNN) – It was all supposed to be easy and breezy; changing policies, the law, Washington itself.

President Donald Trump said, “Someone said you can’t build a wall. A wall. This is so easy. It’s easy, believe me. Politicians would never be able to do it, but for me it’s easy.”

However, over nearly a hundred days, time and again, the billionaire businessman has admitted grappling with D.C. Is more than he imagined. When asked by FOX News, “What surprised you?” President Trump replied, “I think the size, the magnitude of everything.”

In his latest interview with the Associated Press he said it again. He described the job as more massive, the tasks as more complicated, the media as more nasty than he expected.

It hearkens back to the startling moment when he said this about his soon to be doomed plans for repealing and replacing Obamacare. “Now, I have to tell you, it’s an unbelievably complex subject. Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.”

Even on topics he professed to know well, such as containing North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, he now admits having been mistaken. He thought China could help a great deal, but now, “after listening for ten minutes, I realized it’s not so easy.”

From dealing with the budget to appointing a white house staff, through a variety of reports and sources the president has expressed surprise at all the job entails. Even on his specialty, commerce, after meeting with business leaders to discuss his ideas about growing jobs and shrinking taxes.

President Trump said, “A bigger thing, and that surprised me, is the fact that we are going to be cutting regulations massively.”