Trouble sleeping? We’ve got solutions

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  Does the current political climate keep you up at night? Dr. Siegfried Haug is the author of ‘I Want to Sleep’ and he has the solution.

Sleep and politics

  • Few things wind people up like politics.
  • Sleeping, however is about winding DOWN.

This poses a quintessential insomnia problem: my concerns are legitimate. Not being (politically) concerned ( at a time like this) is socially unacceptable and tantamount to condoning whatever you are concerned about.

Concern being a euphemism for worrying means it severely taxes the brain (Cortisol) and a worried, cortisolized brain refuses to be shut down.
Meaning: your political correctness might cost you many a sleepless night.

If you can’t afford that cost, intentional intervention ( or drugs) is called for.

  • No late night news
  • No political ranting with friends
  • Force-think positive thoughts: what have we/are we learning
  • Physiological distraction: hydrate