Trouble sleeping? We’ve got solutions

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) ¬†Does the current political climate keep you up at night? Dr. Siegfried Haug is the author of ‘I Want to Sleep’ and he has the solution.

Sleep and politics

  • Few things wind people up like politics.
  • Sleeping, however is about winding DOWN.

This poses a quintessential insomnia problem: my concerns are legitimate. Not being (politically) concerned ( at a time like this) is socially unacceptable and tantamount to condoning whatever you are concerned about.

Concern being a euphemism for worrying means it severely taxes the brain (Cortisol) and a worried, cortisolized brain refuses to be shut down.
Meaning: your political correctness might cost you many a sleepless night.

If you can’t afford that cost, intentional intervention ( or drugs) is called for.

  • No late night news
  • No political ranting with friends
  • Force-think positive thoughts: what have we/are we learning
  • Physiological distraction: hydrate