Sneak Peek: “Great News”

"Great News"
Multi-generational newsroom comedy "Great News" debuts tonight.

(NBC) “Bring Your Daughter to Work” days have become popular in many workplaces, but “Bring Your Mom to Work” days, not so much.

“Great News” may explain why. In the new comedy a cable TV news producer’s mom invades both her personal and professional space by taking an internship at her show.

Briga Heelan plays Katie, the producer coping with mom’s incursion. Andrea Martin is that mom, Carol, making herself right at home in the newsroom.

“She says what she feels and what’s on her mind, and goes through life without any filters,” Martin says.

That helps Carol charm the staff, especially overwrought anchorman, Chuck, played by John Michael Higgins.

“She’s the only one who’s my age and she understands me,” Higgins laughs.