Massachusetts lawmakers propose changes to public housing applications

BOSTON (WWLP) – State Representative Shaunna O’Connell, (R) Taunton, proposed a budget amendment that would require public housing applicants to provide their social security number or alien registration number.

O’Connell said the move would prevent the people that are in the country illegally from accessing public housing.

David Anderson of Florence said, “I think that’s probably ideal because I think we should take care of the people that are legally living here, and if that’s a way to separate out the illegals from the legal then I’m all for it.”

Lori Guerra of Easthampton said, “I think that if there’s legislation preventing them from things like trying to get housing, and be established, so they can then try to work and be part of a community, then you know I don’t agree with that.”

The House decided to study the proposed amendment to gain a better understanding before deciding whether to add requirements to public housing applications.