Man finishes 24 hour run for addiction awareness

Ward is raising money for a charity named "Runwell"

BELMONT, Mass. (CNN) – “I feel great. I mean I feel amazing.” Not many people can make that claim after running almost 85 miles in just 24 hours, but Henry Ward has done just that.

Through the dark and cold, not to mention enduring a few sprinkles along the way, Ward circumnavigated the oval track at Belmont High School from 6 am on Monday until 6 am Tuesday. The finish line, not something you can measure in distance or time.

“I’m raising awareness to try and remove the negative stigma for addiction and alcoholism and mental health,” Ward said.

This ultra-runner has walked more than a few miles in the shoes of those who struggle with substance abuse. In November he will be 9 years sober. “I wouldn’t be alive, honestly wouldn’t be alive unless I got help.”

So he puts in the miles with the hope that others can endure. With every stride he’s raising money to aid an organization called “Runwell“. 100% of the funds raised goes to help addicts get the treatment and help they need. His goal: 20 thousand dollars.

“I’m really proud of Henry” said Becca Pizzi, Ultra Runner World Champion. The Belmont native is the 1st U.S. woman to win a race that encompassed 7 marathons, across 7 continents, in just 7 days.

She said Henry’s journey is the true inspiration. “Henry is fighting for his life. When I ran I was fighting for my dreams, so it really put things into perspective for me. So as soon as I heard what he was doing I had to be a part.”

If you’d like to donate to “Runwell,” click here.

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