It’s a good time to tune up your lawnmower

From snowblowers to lawnmowers, western Massachusetts residents are in full spring mode

Experts say 17,000 children are injured by lawnmowers each year, with hundreds of accidents resulting in amputations.

GRANBY, Mass. (WWLP) – Now that we haven’t seen snow in a while, most people have been spending their time getting their lawns ready for spring.

Western Massachusetts has finally seen a “typical” New England spring after a dry and mild spring last year. There’s been a good amount of rainfall so far this season, which means flowers are blooming and grass is growing, quickly. It also means that the word “snow” is no longer a concern and everyone is in full spring mode.

Right when the snow stops falling, most people put away the snowblowers and bring out their lawnmowers, only to find out some of their lawnmowers are having issue.

22News went to All Power in Granby to find their phones ringing off the hook with people needing tune ups on their lawnmowers. Some people wait until their lawn needs to be cut to find out that their mower isn’t working or at least having a problem.

Doug Guertin, Sales Manager at All Power, told 22News, “Once the snow is gone you can finally get to your tractor get it out, get your spring tune up ready. I wouldn’t say last minute but its certainly a short window before the season begins.”

All Power suggests not waiting too long for a spring tune up. Having your lawnmower ready for spring will help you keep your grass from getting too long and keep your lawn looking neat and tidy.