Confederate monuments come down

(NBC News) After years of debate, New Orleans is now in the process of taking down several Confederate memorials.

The first four monuments were taken down under the cover of darkness early Monday morning. Workers removing the memorials wore masks and tactical vests after receiving numerous threats. The timing of future removals is also being kept under wraps.

The city council voted to remove the statues in 2015, but legal hurdles slowed the process.

For people on both sides of the issue its a question of heritage versus a difficult and painful past.

“I don’t think you should rewrite history. It doesn’t seem fair that you should take away history,” says monument supporter Judith Cornish.

“I didn’t think this would happened. it’s a travesty,” adds Frank Burnett.

Others disagree.

“It’s a great thing. It’s a movement for progress,” says Malcolm Suber.

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