Video appears to show trooper punching a man

Police said the incident is under investigation

(CNN) – Witnesses said a Kentucky State Police Trooper went too far before he arrested a man for fleeing and resisting police. Video of the run-in has caused a stir on social media, but troopers have said not everything was caught on camera.

The man was in an orange shirt, his name is Joshua Van Winkle. Trooper Scotty Pennington is on camera questioning him, when suddenly, state police said the trooper reacted to resistant behavior, witnesses claim Van Winkle did nothing to provoke the situation.

Franky Woodall, a witness, said, “he’s holding his phone in hand I think the trooper was wanting his phone all I seen was him handing the phone and he punched him.”

It started at Franky Woodall’s auto repair shop in Brodhead Wednesday afternoon. Woodall said he was standing in his garage with Van Winkle who was there to buy parts when two troopers showed up.

Police said they had received a complaint about stolen property. Woodall claims he and Van Winkle had nothing to do with that, but said when they walked out back and Trooper Pennington accused them of fleeing.

Woodall said, “Wasn’t nobody running from the police.”

Woodall said as Pennington questioned Van Winkle, the conversation got physical, and even more so off camera.

Woodall said, “He was on his hands and knees and kicked him right in the head. That’s the truth right there.”

State police said the incident is under investigation and that the video doesn’t show the whole story. They said Van Winkle was resisting police before being struck.

Trooper Lloyd Cochran said, “People need to wait til the full story comes out let the investigation come out don’t jump to conclusions.”

State police say trooper Pennington is still on the job as usual.