UMass Earth Day Festival encourages sustainability on campus

Student groups demonstrated projects to make the campus environmentally friendly

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – The Earth Day Festival at UMass Amherst gave students and community members a chance to display their projects and educate others on sustainability and supporting the environment. The festival took place for most of the day Friday at the Student Union North Lawn.

The event featured 30 student groups and five community groups demonstrating projects they’ve done to make the campus more environmentally friendly. One of them was a blender bike which they used to make smoothies.

Students also developed sustainable methods to reduce waste. Sustainability coordinator Arianna Moscone said, “It’s the opportunity to really celebrate all the things happening on campus not everyone may know about. Students faculty and staff are working their butts off everyday to make the campus more sustainable.”

Many of these groups promoted recycling and increasing the use of renewable energy in Massachusetts. Moscone said she was expecting up to a thousand people to attend the festival.

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