Comedians are showing Bill O’Reilly no mercy

Comedians reprised O’Reilly's most macho moments

(Credit: CNN/ The View)

(CNN) – Bill O’Reilly has traded the no spin zone for the no job zone. One cartoonist hung a “gone groping” sign on O’Reilly’s door.

Talk show audiences seemed delighted. The hosts of The View reminisced about the time they walked off the set after arguing with O’Reilly. He sure had a way with words.

Posters outside FOX saying “nobody moves this man” were moved. His name vanished from his show, mockingly compared to Stalin airbrushing out comrades who fell from grace.

Stephen Colbert resurrected his old conservative pundit character based on O’Reilly. He said, “You failed Bill O’Reilly. All he ever did was have your back, and if you’re a woman, have a go at the front too.”

Comedians reprised O’Reilly’s most macho moments, and then rubbed it in. Trevor Noah said, “Unlike Bill O’Reilly, we’ll be right back,” and Funny or Die did a mashup of Vin Diesel and O’Reilly’s infamous outtake.