Serena Williams shows off her baby bump on Snapchat

Williams has won 23 Grand Slam Tournaments

(CNN) – Serena dropped a shot on the internet, a shot of herself with what looks like a baby bump posted to Snapchat with the caption “20 weeks.” The post was soon deleted, but that didn’t stop the wave of reaction. “Serena what?!!!!”

The Daily News ran with it, “game, set. Baby.” At the end of December Serena revealed her engagement to the co-founder of the website Reddit, Alexis Ohanian. “Frankly it’s inspiring and exciting to share my life with someone who’s that special.”

Alexis Ohanian whisked Serena off to Rome to propose to her at the same restaurant table where they’d first met. CNN has reached out to Serena’s rep, but has not gotten confirmation of the pregnancy.

The 20 weeks snapchat post left fans agog when they did the math, Williams was pregnant when she won her 23rd Grand Slam Tournament at the Australian open. She did not drop one set. Let that sink in.

However, Serena’s not the only one getting props over the apparent pregnancy.

“That fetus has won a Grand Slam title and I’m living a regular shmegular life.” “We did it” captioned Perez Hilton with a diagram that suggested she had been, in a sense, playing doubles.

Looking back at Serena’s recent Instagram post “fighting to get up this morning,” fans were quick to diagnose “that morning sickness ain’t no joke.” This past summer vogue had posed 73 rapid fire questions to Serena, among them this.

Will she still take baby names for granted? With those famously strong arms, she could easily cradle more than trophies. As the winner of 23 Grand Slams she inspires awe “when my wife was pregnant only thing it seemed she could do was eat a Grand Slam!” Bon appetit!