Burglary suspect caught on camera inside Chick-fil-A

Austin was wanted on another burglary charge

(Credit: CNN)

(CNN) – Sparks flew as a burglary suspect used a circular saw to try to cut his way into a safe. Surveillance video from inside the Chick-fil-A restaurant captured the incident. After the saw was put away, the video showed the suspect continuing to try to break into a safe. Police said the suspect is Usasveus Austin.

Store Manager Brandon Fulton said, “Apparently he busted open our patio door and came in with a circular saw, and used some of our own materials to try to pry open our safe.”

When officers showed up, Austin was still inside.

Fulton explained, “Police officers stormed in, he takes off in the back, it is literally like they walk in, he walks out.”

Officers said when Austin left he headed straight to Arthur Storey Park. Police said he went into the water and then made his way to the island just off shore. The HPD dive team was called in, but officers eventually took a K9 to the island to bring Austin to shore.

Lt. Larry Crowson of the Houston Police said, “He got up under some brush, under some mud, he did everything he did to hide, so that’s why we had to send a K9 officer out there to find him in the brush.”

Police said that, while they were chasing Austin, two other Chick-fil-A restaurants were broken into.

Austin was wanted on another burglary charge and has several other arrests dating back to 2012.