Wanted woman arrested after Facebook Live post

(CNN) – As soon as she hit the live button on Facebook, everyone could see she was at Chuck E. Cheese, including police.

Markesha Wilkerson may have been having a good time at the Chuck E. Cheese in north Lakeland, but she wasn’t smiling for long! Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said, “While we’re on Facebook Live! We discover this lady who has outstanding warrants.”

Wilkerson had two warrants for improper display of a firearm, and failing to appear in court, but that didn’t stop her from posting a live video on Facebook and leading investigators right to her. They called Lakeland Police, who went to the Chuck E. Cheese and cuffed her.

Sheriff Judd said, “Crazy criminals are appreciated, stupid criminals are really appreciated. We highly recommend that if we are looking for you, that you immediately post all of your information that you can on Facebook, Instagram, tweet it out, however you want because that helps us!”

The 18-year old has 14 previous charges, at least six of which are violent. Sheriff Judd said this is a prime examples of how social media is becoming a valuable investigative tool; “Social media has totally changed the landscape. We know this, that people who commit crimes are going to get on Facebook. We know this, that witnesses and people interested in the community and want to help us solve crimes, will get on Facebook.”

Helping investigators put criminals behind bars.

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