Hernandez lawyer wants investigation into star’s suicide

Lawyer says ex-NFL star did not appear suicidal

SHIRLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – Facing life in prison, former Patriots star Aaron Hernandez hanged himself in his prison cell early Wednesday morning. It’s the end of a star-crossed life that peaked with a multi-million dollar contract in the NFL, and sank to a sentence of life in prison for murder.

A Department of Corrections spokesperson told 22News that corrections officers found Hernandez hanging in his cell. The 27 year-old had tied a bed sheet to his cell window. He also tried to block his cell door from the inside by jamming items in the door.

Hernandez was the only person in the cell.

He was serving a life sentence for the murder of former friend Odin Lloyd, but was just found not guilty Friday in a double murder case out of Boston.  That led to speculation that Hernandez had a chance to win his appeal in the Lloyd case.

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The former Patriots tight end played three seasons for New England. The Patriots released him nine days after Lloyd’s body was found.

Prison officials say that Hernandez did not leave a note, and was not on suicide watch. His agent went to Twitter Wednesday, saying that Hernandez would never kill himself.

Hernandez’s attorney, Jose Baez, said in a statement that he wants a full investigation, because his client did not appear suicidal.

Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early, Jr. said that detectives assigned to his office and the Department of Corrections are investigating Hernandez’s death.