Manhunt for accused Facebook killer extends to Connecticut

Police and the FBI are now turning to the public for help

CLEVELAND (WTNH) – A nationwide manhunt has extended into Connecticut. The FBI is now working with police to find the Cleveland, Ohio, man who posted a video of killing a man on Easter Sunday.

Police and the FBI are now turning to the public for help in tracking down a man who claims he killed more than a dozen people. We know he killed at least once, because he posted video of it on Facebook.

Manhunt for man who posted deadly shooting on Facebook continues

“Found me somebody I’m about to kill. I’m about to kill. I’m about to kill this guy right here. He’s a old dude,” he says in the video.

The video shows Steve Stephens walking up to 74-year-old Robert Godwin, telling him he was going to shoot him because of a woman. He then shoots Godwin in the face, killing him on Easter Sunday. That was one of many disturbing social media posts the 37-year-old made.

In another, he claims that he has killed 13 people, and he says he is going to keep killing until he is caught. The Godwin shooting happened in Cleveland, but police pinged his cell phone and found him 100 miles further east in Erie, Pennsylvania Monday. He certainly could have made it as far as the East Coast by now, so you might see Stephens’ face on billboards if you’re headed to Connecticut Tuesday morning. WTNH found a couple along I-95. They show Stephens and the white Ford Fusion he is driving with temporary Ohio plates.

He’s described as being 6’1″, and 244 pounds. If you see him, dial 1-800-call-FBI, as it said on the billboard, or just call 911.

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