The White House’s Easter egg follies

The president whistled the start of several Easter egg races

(CNN) – You’d think he was a head of state rather than just a head inside a bunny suit.

And to think that at times during the bush administration the bunny was none other than current press secretary Sean Spicer, who this year merely posed alongside the bunny while SNL’s Melissa McCarthy portrayed him, briefing in his bunny suit.

Asked what he thought of the SNL portrayal, Spicer dodged, “I’m usually fast asleep by the time it comes on.”

The president needed a little wakeup call. Oh say did you see…the First Lady nudge her husband during the national anthem? Tweeted one viewer, “Is it just me, or did he seem to have a problem finding his heart?”

The president whistled the start of several Easter egg races. He signed hats and tossed them…one handily retrieved by its owner.

While a girl writing cards to soldiers seemed thrilled to find herself next to the first lady, who rewarded her with a hug. But when Melania read a book called “Party Animals”, one audience member acted like one, saying, “She’s more boring than I am.”

At least she didn’t try pulling the Easter rabbit’s ears.

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