Students shown danger of selfies behind the wheel

Driving simulator set-up for students in West Springfield

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Taking selfies while driving is a growing distracted driving trend among Massachusetts teenagers. To combat this, the Arbella Insurance Foundation has been using a distracted driving simulator to show young drivers the danger of taking your eyes off the road, even momentarily.

The simulator convinced Madison Alicea, a student at the Springfield Conservatory of the Arts, of just how dangerous distracted driving can be.

“It happened so fast, I got scared,” Alicea said.

All this week, the simulator van is promoting safe driving at the McClure Insurance Agency in West Springfield. Longmeadow High School student Mark McClure also learned that distracted driving can have consequences.

“You never know what’s going to be in your way, and everything can happen any second in time,” McClure said.

Dozens of western Massachusetts high school and driving school students are finding out in simulation what they hope to avoid on the road.

“They’re not focused on the road and they’re looking down, their mind is on something else,” safe driving instructor Nick Prpith said.

The anti-distracted driving program is called Distractology, which claims that teenagers taking selfies behind the wheel has become a dangerous epidemic.