Students back to class after murder-suicide

Visitors are now not allowed past the locked front office

(CNN) – It’s the first day back to school for Rhonda Vaughner’s 10-year-old daughter Christina. She was one of the hundreds of students at North Park who went on lockdown and evacuated a week ago.

A gunman came into a classroom and opened fire, killing teacher Karen Smith and 8 year old Jonathan Martinez. Vaughner, admits she didn’t get much sleep last night, but is reassured by the added security measures in place.

Visitors are not allowed past the locked front office. Everyone will be screened and buzzed in at the door. Their IDs scanned against the Megan’s Law website and given a badge.

At the school Monday morning, parents arriving with their children hugged each other. Complete strangers showed up to offer what comfort they could.

A man even brought his bubble machine from San Diego. He said, “Something I had to do. I would’ve driven 1,000 miles.”

Valerie Sistoza dropped off her son Henry, who had heard the gun shots from his special ed class next door.  “He just you know heard stuff, seen stuff. He’s okay, trying to get through this.”

Dad Ricky Jimenez said he’s having a harder time letting go of what happened. “I was here six minutes after 911 call. I did not know whether for a half hour if they were alive.”

The classroom where the shooting happened is blocked off by a wall. The students moved to another room, trying to get back to some semblance of normal.

District officials consulted with officials from Columbine, Sandy hook and other schools that dealt with school shootings.

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